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According to statistics, more than 700 000 people suffer from heart attack every year only in the United States. This is a severe condition but it can actually be prevented if detected early.
There are therapies that can help and changes in the lifestyle that has to be made in order for the occurrence of heart attack to be prevented.
These are some of the signs of heart disease:

1. Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of clogged arteries
When men cannot have an erection, this may mean that they have clogged arteries in their pelvis, which usually happens before a heart attack.
On average, 3 to 5 years pass between the beginning of the erectile dysfunction and the coronary heart problem. This means that there is a lot of time to detect and avoid the heart problems.

2. Baldness may be a sign of clogged arteries
One study in which 37, 000 men participated showed that severe head baldness can suggest presence of undetected coronary heart disease.

3. Ear crease may be a sign of clogged arteries
This sign is pretty weird buy a lot of studies have confirmed that it may be a sign of silent coronary cardiovascular disease. Ear crease may be caused by poor circulation and the arteries in the heart.

4. Paining the calf when walking may be a sign of blocked arteries
Atherosclerosis can block the arteries in the legs which can be a sign of a coronary heart disease, and this is actually more common in smokers.

Consume less animal products and more plant-based foods. It is also very important to start a walking program.
If you notice some of the above mentioned signs of silent coronary heart disease, it is important to know your levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting glucose.
You must visit your doctor and make EKG tests, stress test, or a coronary calcium CT imaging.

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